Everyone needs support - especially in moments of change. We want to be there when you feel that spark.

Throughout your life, you'll navigate transitions in your personal life and career.  It helps to have an edge to manage transitions with a clear purpose and strong leadership skills.


Do you ever wonder what it’s all about? There was a Dream back in the beginning that you’d love to rekindle. We’re the oxygen surrounding to your spark - helping you turn it into a raging fire. We can work with you to clarify direction, articulate your values and live the life of your dreams.

leadership DEVELOPMENT

As you grow in your career, it makes sense to have a partner. Everyday you are faced with information overload, rapid change and increasing expectations.  We can work with you to boost your personal effectiveness, explore career options and help you reach your goals. 

running COACHING

Sometimes you want to see how fast you can be. Running? Ya, we do that too. Runners are different animals. You can endure, you have uncommon discipline and you set lofty goals. No one understands why you do it. We do. And we can help you PR and crush your goals.


The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.
— Amelia Earhart

The single biggest question our clients wrestle with is “what is enough?” This question nags at them. It bounces them between moments of contentment and sheer terror. The what have I done with my life kind of terror. More questions follow:

  • What do I want? And the close cousin - what do I really want?

  • Who am I? And the close cousin - who am I really?

  • What do I value?

  • What do I want out of life?

  • What’s my purpose?

  • What prevents me from moving forward?

  • Where do I want to grow?

  • What kind of habits do I feel good about?

  • What are my goals?

These are the questions we think about deep down in places we don’t talk about at parties. Sometimes it’s hard to breathe under the weight of this one life. The pressure keeps up on the couch or taking a trip down YouTube rabbit holes.

But - every now and then - there is a spark. A moment of realization that this is not a dress rehearsal. This is our one chance to make an impact. We want to be there when you feel that spark. We can be that breath of air that turns the spark into a raging fire. We can guide you through the process.


Good leaders must first become good servants.
— Robert Greenleaf

Growing leadership skills is the best way to increase your influence in an organization. Whether you are looking to grow your career, start your own business or make a greater impact in your community, strong leadership skills can make a big difference. We can partner with you to support your development in a range of areas:

  • Change management - both individual and organizational

  • Team development

  • Personal effectiveness

  • Time management

  • Career development

  • Situational leadership

  • Goal setting

Leadership skills are like common sense - very simple but not easy. You are working in the system every day. Sometimes it helps to take a step back and work on the system. We can support your growth and development as a leader.